Last year’s one-off 'Draw the Line' competition proved so popular that we’ve decided to make it a monthly feature. Here’s how it works:

Remember the old 'spot the ball' competitions in newspaper football supplements? Well this is kind of similar. Look carefully at the picture above and you’ll see a tiny rider (Sten Smolla) winding his way down the fresh snow on that face. Using the wonders of modern technology, we’ve erased his line from the photo, and we want you to fill it in. You can cut the pic out the mag, print off this picture or just use photoshop and email us the image. The person who gets closest to his actual line wins this rad Gnu Park Pickle, featuring wavy edges (Magnetraction), Banana Technology, an asymetric sidecut and some tripped-out graphics.

Send your lines to:

Draw The Line Competition

Whitelines Magazine

Factory Media Ltd

1 West Smithfield

London EC1A 9JU

Or email photoshopped efforts to:

Closing date for entries is 31st October 2010