As you may (or may not) have read in our latest issue, the generous folk over at Ride Snowboards have kindly donated us a 155 Ride Buckwild snowboard to give away to one lucky reader. Aside from having one of the sickest base graphics we seen on a 2012/2013 snowboard, the Buckwild is absolutely jammed full of tech including a twin rocker profile (a large, flat section that extends beyond the inserts transitioning into mellow rocker), Ride's highly acclaimed Slimewall technology, Cleave edges and Pop Rods 2.0 to have you boosting off kickers like Seb Toots.

With just enough softness for jibbing about on, yet a good amount of pop thanks to the Pop Rods and largely flat profile, the Buckwild is the board of choice for a fairly sizeable chunk of the Ride pro team. Billy Morgan uses this deck for pretty much everything, including those enormous backside double cork 1260s, although if that trick's a little out of your reach it'll handle 360s and 540s just fine as well ;) You can watch our full video review of the board here.

***So how do you enter to win this bad boy? Simply head over to our Faffbook page and in a similar way to the billion other competitions on there (the difference being that we do actually have a board to give away!):



Easy as that! We'll be randomly picking a winner in two weeks time on the 11th of February, so check back to see if you've won then.***

Good luck!