The sun may be out in the UK right now, browning up those lucky enough to not be trapped inside behind a screen. But for some, the lower half of their faces might have only just recovered from the punishing winter.

Yes, the infamous goggle tan. For the cool kids, this is soooo 2000 and zero - trendy face masks, beards, sunglasses and bucket hats protecting against the glare - but for others it's an annual tradition, a yearly facial pilgrimage edging them closer and closers towards melanoma.

But which is best? Who's face looks most like half of an Afghan's?

Submit your entries to sam@whitelines.com with the subject line 'Goggle Tan', only one per face please and they have to be from either the winter season 2013/14 or the current southern hemisphere winter, no cheating! Get them in before midnight on Sunday 3rd August - only shots submitted in this way will be considered.

We'll pick some appropriate winners and they will receive an ever popular WL mug for their efforts/pain. And maybe a bottle of sun cream.