This is the third Draw the Line competition of the year, so you should know the drill by now – we’ve erased the riders’ line on this picture, and we’re asking you to draw it back in. We want to know what path you think he’s taken down the mountain to get to where he is now. Like the old ‘spot the ball’ competitions in newspaper sports sections, we’ll give a prize to the person who gets the closest to the actual line. And what’s the prize you ask? Trust, it’s not disappointing…


This month’s winner will get a brand new Ride Compact. This is one of the Seattle-based brand’s flagship women’s boards, a mid-flexing true twin that’s as happy hitting kickers and pressing on rails as it is honing down the pistes at high speed. Versatile and fun thanks to its ‘Low-Rize’ rocker profile, this is sure to be a winner with any woman who rides it. So whether you’re entering for yourself, or your wife, girlfriend, or sister, this is well worth having. Cut out the picture and send your entries to:

Draw the Line Competition

Whitelines Magazine

Factory Media

1 West Smithfield



Or download it from here and send Photoshop efforts to comps@whitelines.com.