Yes that’s right, Draw the Line is back for another season - bigger, better and erm… more badass than ever! The rules of the game remain very similar to last season’s. Essentially, we publish a massive powdery photo each month in the mag (and online), but we erase the line that the rider has taken down the mountain - so it’s up to you to guess where he went (and yes, the spirit of the competition is to guess rather than exhaustively trawl the net for the original). It’s kind of like those old “spot the ball" competitions in the football pages, but obviously much cooler. The person who gets closest to the actual line each month wins a brand new Ride Snowboard!

Ride Manic Snowboard

This month’s stick is a Ride Manic. This sick all-mountain board has a unique ‘Low-Pro’ profile, combining a slight rocker under the nose with a nearly-flat tail. This makes it great on piste and off, while its mid-flex ensures it’s got a decent amount of pop. Our tester described it with Charlie Sheen’s favourite phrase: “Winning!" To make the Manic your own, print out this picture and send your entries to:

Draw the Line Competition

Whitelines Magazine

Factory Media Limited

1 West Smithfield



Or email Photoshop efforts to: comps@whitelines.com