Draw the Line is back! Once again there’s a prickly pear of a puzzle for you here this month. We’ve taken a perfectly good powder shot, and like the dastardly bastards we are, we’ve photoshopped out the rider’s line – so now no-one knows where he came from mwahahahaha! But… if you can solve this problem (or at least get the closest to the actual line) you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a brand new Ride Snowboard.

This month’s stick is a Ride OMG – a serious board for serious female riders. It’s a twin tip with a relatively stiff flex, and a rocker camber combo profile that combines the best of both worlds. It’s as comfortable launching off big kickers as it is slashing steep, deep powder fields. Basically, there’s a reason why backcountry stylemaster Hana Beaman rocks one of these. So how do you make this yours? Well, get drawing, and send your entries to:

Draw the Line Competition

Whitelines Magazine

Factory Media

1 West Smithfield



Or download it from here and send Photoshop efforts to comps@whitelines.com.