Draw the Line returns this month with yet another sick stick up for grabs. You know how this one works by now right? No? OK, well basically we’ve erased this rider’s line from the picture, and we want you to draw in where you think they’ve come from. The closest line to the actual thing at the end of the month will win a brand new Ride snowboard.

The board up for grabs this time is a Ride Crush – a rad little all-mountain whip with a mellow ‘LowRize’ rocker profile that’s perfect for freestyle, whether you’re hitting rails in the park or buttering off pillows into powder. It also boasts Ride’s signature ‘Slimewalls’ dampening system, and a ‘Membrain’ made of urethane-infused fabric. Sickness on a stick basically, so get drawing your lines! Either cut out the photo and post it to:

Draw the Line Competition

Whitelines Magazine

Factory Media

1 West Smithfield



Or download it from here and send Photoshop efforts to comps@whitelines.com.