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Burton Announces New Hard Boot System

New integrated boot and binding system aimed at carving fans due for release in 2018

Ski Industry Aims For Slice of Splitboard Market

Skiers steal another idea from snowboarding.

New Contracts Being Imposed on Junior Snowboarders

GB Park and Pipe face new demands from the culture secretary...

"No More NBD's" Claim Sports Scientists

How much can the human body handle?

Unshaped Clark Accidentally Sets New Trend in Board Design

It's hip to be square - straight edges set to flood the market in coming years...

Ed Leigh Implicated in Brits Board Tampering Scandal!

Controversy hits the British Championships Masters Boardercross...

Shaping of 2022 Olympic Halfpipe Already Underway

“If we start now, we might have it ready in time” says China

Top Snowboard School To Offer Ante-Natal Classes

The search for the next viral video star just got easier

'Who Cares, Just Ride' Voted Best Snowboarder In Online Poll

Comfortable victory over Stale Sandbech, Yuki Kadono and more

Jeremy Jones vs. Jeremy Jones - Madison Square Garden Fight Dates Announced

Snowboarding heavyweights battle it out to retain their name...

Air & Style LA To Feature Animal Sacrifice

Organisers attempt to appease gods after high winds batter A&S Innsbruck

Jamie Barrow Relaunches Career After Learning How To Use Chairlifts

Major breakthrough for British speed-record holder

Shaun White Buys Hollowed-Out Volcano

“It’s for the Air & Style” insists former Olympic champ

Terje Haakonsen Reverses Position On Olympics

"As long as it's held in North Korea"

We Need To Respect The Earth, Says Frequent Helicopter User

Time for snowboarders to start taking climate change seriously

Xavier De Le Rue Shooting Next Movie On Hoth

Ice planet to feature in French freerider's latest film project

Curt Morgan Frantically Searching For Lost Hard Drive

Whereabouts of 'The Fourth Phase' raw footage currently unknown

Avalanche Rabbit Still Without Sponsors

No new deals for viral video star