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Sam McMahon


A skateboarder since the age of twelve, Sam discovered snowboarding at university which led to the swift collapse of his degree. Upon graduating he moved to the mountains and has rarely been seen on UK soil since. These days he calls Morzine home and that’s where you can find him, attempting lines when there's powder or hanging out with his dog when there's not. After years of grotty ski-bum work he’s now the Video Editor for Whitelines and Onboard - searching the globe for a chance to film that elusive snowboarding cat.

Sam McMahon's articles

WOW 8 Ep 3 - Precision Doggy

Mid-air beer opening and a blow gun board!

First Freeride World Qualifier in Japan - Travis Rice Wins With A Crazy Run!

Wins with a huge backside 720 off nothing, into nothing. Amazing.

Scotty Vine - Always Have Always Will

Creative park shredding is ripe on the Vine

Do FIS Judge Style Or Spin-To-Win?

A video from the organisation explains...

Dropouts - Full UK Movie

Brand spankers new scene movie capturing the great and the good from the UK

The Igloo Adventure

Camping in Verbier at 3000m

Yoga For Snowboarders - Episode 5

Hips and Hamstrings Opener and Strengthener

Jeremy Jones - The Turn

"If you need powder to have a good day on the mountain, you're in the wrong sport"

Halldor Helgason - Full Part 2016

Halldor's best bits from Dayumm!

Burton Star Wars Collab 2017

Another classic cult collab

Adraon Buck // FifteenSixteen

Party powder from the Canadian Interior

Will Smith - Full Part From The Fourth Wall

Urban magic from one of the stand out rail riders of the moment

Rusty Toothbrush - A Not So Fairytale FULL MOVIE

No bed time story until you've brushed your teeth!

8 Cheapest European Ski Resorts

Find the cheapest European ski resorts to suit your needs and budget, with options ranging from Italy to Poland!

The Best Snowboarding Video Games

Why has no snowboard game ever had the same effect as the Tony Hawk franchise?

Torstein's Game Of In Your Face - Kyle Mack Vs Nick Baden

Horgmo hosts the welcome return of snowboarding's best game!