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Fimbulvetr Hikr Snowshoes Review

Nope, we can't pronounce them either, but we definitely tested them!

Keita Inamura - Switch Backside 1620

Keita Inamura, as far as we're aware, becomes the first to land a switch backside 1620. We take a quick look at the implications of this to to the world.

Burton Girls Presents: Episode 1 – Kimmy Fasani and Kelly Clark

Two dominant ladies in snowboarding have teamed up for the first episode of Burton Girls Presents. Check Kelly Clark and Kimmy Fasani getting the goods.

SNOPLANKS - The Handmade Snowboards

If you're looking for the ultimate in snowboard gluttony, or lust, you couldn't do much wrong with getting a handmade stick from these chaps at SNOPLANKS.

Stu Innes - Potato Footy Edit 2014/15

In an apparent effort to pick up sponsorship from McCains' potato smiley department, Stu Innes has come out punching with his potato footy edit.


UK based snowboard pioneers DOUK are offering the ultimate in snowboard gluttony; building your own snowboard.

EE Snow with Andy Nudds and the World's First 4G Action Camera

Andy Nudds takes the world's first 4G connected action camera for a spin in the Harrow skate bowl. No Kevin Bacons were hurt in the making of this film.

Every Third Thursday Season 5 Ep. 10 - John Jackson’s Nose-To-Tail Sierra Series

John Jackson gets the pro-model treatment in the latest Every Third Thursday drop from Signal Snowboards.

Kitzsteinhorn Shapers in the Park

The Kitz Crew get some laps in-between their snow sculpting activities.

Monster Showdown from Nine Knights: Halldór Helgason vs Kevin Backström

In one of our first glimpses from Nine Knights, it's a Nordic battle as Halldór Helgason faces up against Kevin Backström in the Monster Showdown.

Volcom Park Edit with Longo, Håkonsen, Bergrem, Kleveland and Gittler

Volcom's heavyweight hitters get some spring park laps across Europe.