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Ed Blomfield


Factory Media Snowboarding Head of Content Ed Blomfield caught the snowboard bug at a young age – brought up in Yorkshire, he witnessed the Pennine dryslope scene in its 90's heyday and once earned detention at school for dying his hair blonde in an ill-advised homage to Jamie Lynn. In 2005, after three seasons in Tignes and four years studying English/chasing the snow in Scotland, Ed took the reins at the UK's finest snowboard mag. As well as writing, editing, trapping heffalumps and occasionally filming, Ed now looks after, as well as good old Whitelines, but still finds the time to shoot stills and venture out on snow.

Ed Blomfield's articles

Snowboard Wallpaper - Dan Premand does his human cannonball impression

French snowboarder Dan Premand pulls a massive double backside rodeo for our latest desktop wallpaper

Snowboard Wallpaper - Nicolas Müller windlip air

Another stunning powder shot from Nicolas Müller to grace your desktop

Snowboard Wallpaper - Marco Smolla, Ruka, Finland

Marco Smolla stars in this stunning solstice shot

Burton Snowboards to drop Forum and make other big changes

Burton snowboards announce they will drop Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend and re-align their other sub-brands including Analog, Gravis and Anon in a huge business shake-up.

Snowboard Wallpaper - Miika Hast powder turn

Finland's Miika Hast lays down a tasty-looking pow turn. Download it for your desktop wallpaper here.

Snowboard Wallpaper - DBK Powder Slash

Download this epic photo of David Bertschinger-Karg for your desktop.

Snowboard Wallpaper - Nicolas Müller switch tailgrab cliff drop

Most people struggle to drop big cliffs with any style, let alone switch. But then Nicolas Müller is not most people.

Snowboard Wallpaper - Gigi Rüf does some soul surfing

Download this wallpaper for your desktop here.

Snowboard Wallpaper - Romain de Marchi in backcountry BC

Romain de Marchi. Cab 9. Stomped first try!

Snowboard Wallpaper - Elias Elhardt, Powder Slash, Bonneval

Download this wallpaper for your desktop here.

Snowboard Wallpaper: Markus Keller, Cab 540 in the Arlberg, Austria

Snowboard Wallpaper: Markus Keller, Cab 540 in the Arlberg, Austria. Photo by Vernon Deck.

Snowboard Wallpaper: Gigi Rüf powder turn, Alaska

Gigi Rüf slashes the pow. Download this wallpaper for your desktop here.

Snowboard Wallpaper: Kareem El Rafie, 5-0 railslide in Moscow

Kareem presses one out. Download this wallpaper for your desktop here.

Friday Find - He-Man, what's going on?

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe take on 4 Non Blondes. Result? Youtube gold.

Nelson Pratt - A video tribute

Classic footage of Nelson Pratt put together by the Lockdown boys. Wonderful memories of a snowboarding talent.

Ken Block takes his rally car to San Franciso for 'Gymkhana Five'

DC founder Ken Block kills a little more time since cashing in his shares by ripping around the steep streets of San Francisco in his souped up Ford Fiesta rally car.

JP Walker - Full part from Jibberish

Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Think again. JP Walker comes back strong with his full Jibberish snowboarding part from the 2011/12 season.

RadShot - New snowboard photo blog

Whitelines editor's side project provides a clean online space for digital snowboard photos.

RIP Nelson Pratt

A tribute to UK snowboarder Nelson Pratt, who has sadly passed away.