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Ed Blomfield


Factory Media Snowboarding Head of Content Ed Blomfield caught the snowboard bug at a young age – brought up in Yorkshire, he witnessed the Pennine dryslope scene in its 90's heyday and once earned detention at school for dying his hair blonde in an ill-advised homage to Jamie Lynn. In 2005, after three seasons in Tignes and four years studying English/chasing the snow in Scotland, Ed took the reins at the UK's finest snowboard mag. As well as writing, editing, trapping heffalumps and occasionally filming, Ed now looks after, as well as good old Whitelines, but still finds the time to shoot stills and venture out on snow.

Ed Blomfield's articles

Saturation Point: Is The Digital Era Killing Pro Snowboard Photography?

In the era of instagram and 'free' content, can shred photographers still make a living? And how much image manipulation is too much?

GoPro falls from plane, eaten by pig


Meet iPod - the 2014 Olympic Halfpipe Gold Medallist

Video introduction to the Sochi pipe hero.

Team GB Coach Hamish McKnight on Sochi so far

Exclusive interview with the man in charge of the British snowboarding team at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Video of Torstein Horgmo's Olympic Slopestyle crash

Phone footage emerges showing the crash that gave Norway's Torstein Horgmo a broken collarbone and took him out of the Olympic Slopestyle in Sochi.

Win Tickets to the Live Screening of the Olympic Men's Halfpipe

Join O'Neill and friends to watch the action from Sochi on the big screen and enjoy free drinks at the after-party.

Torstein Horgmo out of the Olympics with injury

Norwegian snowboarder breaks colar bone during practice for the inaugural slopestyle event in Sochi.

Snowboard Wallpaper: Arthur Longo goes solo at Snow Park

Download this stunning black and white snowboard wallpaper for your desktop here.

Snowboard Grabs: A Beginner's Guide

How many of these can you do?

Burton reveal Team USA 2014 Olympic snowboarding uniforms

Burton have unveiled a vintage patchwork style design for their official Team USA snowboard outerwear, to be worn by Shaun White and the rest in Sochi.

The 5 Best Cat Boarding Destinations in Canada


Shr-Edit: The A to Z of Snowboard Films


How to Go Heliboarding

Our guide to the best heliskiing operations in the world

Jake Blauvelt's Naturally - The Full Story

Behind the scenes of the new powder-focussed masterpiece.

Halldor Helgason double roof gap - is this the craziest snowboard trick of all time?

Video clip of Halldor Helgason pulling an insane backflip to 360 in his native Iceland.

Nelson Pratt Memorial Bike Ride 2013 - Report

Round-up of the inaugural Tour de Test Valley in honour of Nelson Pratt.

Shredding on a Shoestring

If you're feeling the pinch right now, here are some tried and trusted techniques for riding on a budget.

14 Kickers that Changed Snowboarding

A run-down of the jumps, hips, quarterpipes, cheese wedges and other transitions that have helped shape the history of snowboarding.