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Duthie's first taste of snowboarding was on a stormbound Cairngorm Mountain in 1999. Years of punishment at the hands of Bellahouston's Dendix dry slope followed, with seasons in France and New Zealand not far behind. He retains a misplaced affection for drymat, and considers the invention of Snowflex to be right up there with penicillin and the lightbulb. As Whitelines' Gear Editor, you'll find him perpetually lost in a maze of spreadsheet cells - a virtual depiction of the last scene in 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'. On occasion he's been known to escape to the mountains and actually test stuff, too.

Duthie's articles

Jake Blauvelt's 'Naturally', Episode 1

Another webisode series from the backcountry king

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Flying Finns - Episode Four

Living up to their name in Cali

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Latest edit from New Hampshire locals

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More madness from Danny Kass and co.

Grenade Games 7 at Bear Mountain: Day 1

The Game, the games, and the ganj....

'Since 1937' - Dangerzone crew ride Tahoe powder

Nick Visconti enters the white room

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Danny McCormick wins Stepchild rail jam at Glenshee

Real snow + mellow comp - good conditions = braw day oot!

Timeline, Episode 7 - Ups and Downs with Xavier De Le Rue

From ragdolls to oversized cheques via one dodgy 'tache, Xav saw it all this year

Blauvelt's Backcountry - Episode Four

Jake heads to Chile for the last in the series

Isenseven release new trailer

We love you Isenseven. Don't go changin'....

Nicolas Müller butters Tahoe pow

Moment of brilliance from the Swiss shredder

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Flippin' good times in Mammoth pow

Slo-mo: now it's just getting silly

Too much of a good thing?