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Vol. 4 and Hooked Snowboard Movie Reviews

Tadashi Fuse, formerly of Burton fame and now one of the YES team, is nothing short of legendary in Japan. Under the guidance of director Basti Balser, the Austrian based Pirate crew have been capturing the finest European snowboarding since 2003.

Top Picks Snowboard Gear January 2011


Snowboard Deck Top Picks: January 2011

Snowboard decks January 2011: DRAKE ARBOR GNU BURTON

Snowboard Shapes: Geek Speak

Snowboards are like people - they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Just like people, some of these shapes are generally recognised as being more desirable and popular than others.

Snow Cat: The Jake Blauvelt Interview

As the opening notes of Gnarls Barkley’s Smiley Faces ring out, arider slashes a hillside, before launching into a smooth buttered 360.The camera angle switches, and as the tune drops he boosts a floaty front three tailgrab off a cliff – a move that looks so effortless it’s as if he was born to do it.

Sam Turnbull: Contender

I’m Sam Turnbull, what do you wanna know? So basically it was like this.

Snowboarding Q&A with Devun – January 2011

Far off in the distant lands of British Columbia lives a wise old mystic, who goes by the name of Devun Walsh. We endured the three-day mule trek from the nearest town to reach his remote cave with a sack full of your questions. Here’s what he had to say.

Picking a Line: Making your Mark in Powder

It’s long been recognised that tricks are not the be-all-and-end-all of snowboarding. While the size of a pro’s trick bag is a factor, what sets truly great backcountry riders apart from merely good ones is their ability to pick a line.

Chalet Close Up

Live, train and party with the Pros for prices so low you’ll think it’s a con! (until you arrive ;)

The Storming and Now/Here Snowboard Movie Reviews

Standard Films are big dogs in the world snowboard film-making, having been there pretty much from the start. It’s odd to think that just over a decade ago, Absinthe were a bunch of Euro upstarts filming local riders with very little budget.

Welcome Home: Vol II Snowboard Movie Review

Unless you’ve miraculously found a way of reading this magazine without opening the plastic bag it came in, you will have noticed that there was a DVD in there. And if there wasn’t, then you need to go and have some serious words with your newsagent!

Top Picks Snowboard Gear December 2010

Everyone needs a good down jacket in their wardrobe – if only for those days when the cold, crisp air makes you want to take your duvet up the mountain.

Snowboard Outerwear Tech: Geek Speak

Outerwear is great and all, but there’s one thing that I’ve always found peculiarly puzzling about it. Every time I embark on a conversation about how gorgeous gore-tex is or how much I love fully-taped seams, someone always brings up something called ‘style’.

Snowboard Deck Top Picks: December 2010

This is Ride’s flag ship freestyle stick, ridden by the likes of French-Canadian wunderkind Seb Toots. Since it was first introduced four or five seasons back, it’s also proved to be one of their best sellers.

Is the UK Snowboard scene dying?

When will we get another Jamie Nicholls? That is the question I’ve been asking myself, after interviewing Britain’s brightest snowboard talent for this month’s issue.


The third instalment of Relentless Energy’s f lm making competition Short Stories is out, with the snowboard chapter Permanent Vocation, featuring triple X Games champion and Relentless team rider Jenny Jones and created by talented Finnish film maker Johannes Östergård.

Our Kid: The Jamie Nicholls Interview

Ah yes, ‘The Chosen One’. It’s an unofficial title Jamie has had to live with for a long time. At the British Championships a few years ago, when Jamie was still just 14, I remember speaking to one of the organizers, Spencer Claridge, who was practically frothing over his potential. “He’s just frighteningly good, isn’t he?,” here marked at the top of the slope style course.

Ross Rebagliati Interview - Snowboarding's First Gold Medallist

Whether he was a superstitious rider or not, Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati can’t have been looking forward to Friday the 13th of February, 1998 – the day he was scheduled to appear in front of the International Olympic Committee and the assembled world media for a guaranteed embarrassing showdown, the likes of which even Dr Pepper couldn’t have made up.

Danny McCormick: Contender

Hey there people, I’m a mighty morphing power ranger and I’d like to welcome you to this sausage fest where I’ll snuggle up to you dance the spicy McHaggis jig and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about my psychic nipples (and quite a lot you didn’t!).

Snowboarding Q&A with Devun – December 2010

Every month we send a load of your snowboarding questions to our guru, Sri Devun Walsh Yogi, in the hope that he can set you on the path to enlightenment.