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Craig Kelly biography: The Light that Burns the Brightest

Biography of legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly, who died in an avalanche in Revelstoke in 2003

Half Cab with Remi Lamazouere in Bonneval, France

After two days of total fiasco, hitting spots which didn’t work and encountering high avalanche risk in the backcountry, Remi and I hadn’t produced much and were starting to freak out.

Last lift: Urban Snowboarding

Anyone who has seen Dan Brisse and Cale Zima’s recent parts in Now/Here will undoubtedly been blown away by the extraordinary images of them sailing over fences, onto ledges and across huge roof gaps.

Choosing your Snowboard Gloves

Gloves come in various styles to suit different weather conditions and tastes. In general, as our sliding scale shows, the bulkier they are the warmer they are. To get the right pair to suit you, you need to know a few basic distinctions.

Snowboard Boots: What We Say

Snowboard boots 2010-2011.

Women's Snowboard Bindings: What We Say

Women's snowboard bindings 2010-2011.

Women's Snowboard Boots: What We Say

Best women's snowboard boots 2010-2011.

All Mountain Snowboard Guide

2010-2011 all mountain snowboards.

Best Snowboards 2010 / 2011

Best Snowboards in 2010-2011 from arbor, burton, contraband, capita, forum, jones, forum, yes, k2, lib tech, nitro, ride, salomon, roxy, volkl.

New Snowboarding Gear for 2011

Winter is approaching fast, the long nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder. This might mean months of misery to some people, to us snowboarders it’s pretty damn exciting.

Find your Best Board 5 Step Flow Chart

Snowboards vary hugely depending on what they’re designed to do. It used to be said that boards fell into two general categories – freestyle boards (for park riding) and freeride boards (for piste or powder cruising).

Snowboard Buying Guide

Buying a snowboard can seem like a scary business. Dipping a toe into any manufacturer’s catalogue or having even the briefest of chats with a snowboard shop monkey will reveal a whole world of techy jargon that even the keenest of shredders may struggle to understand. But worry not prospective purchasers!

Big Mountain Snowboard Guide

Big mountain snowboards from: Apo, Arbor, Atomic, Burton, Flow, Jones, K2, Prior, Ride, Rome, Palmier, Salomon, Volkl.

Progressive Snowboard Guide

Progressive Snowboards from: Atomic, Bataleon, Burton, Capita, Contrabanda, DC, Drake, Endeavor, Flow, Forum, Ftwo, Gnu, Head, K2, Nidecker, Nitro, Omatic, Ride, Rome, Salomon, Signal, Stepchild.

Jib Snowboard Guide

Snowboard Guide: Academy, Bataleon, Burton, Capita, DC, Dinosaurs Will Die, Forum, Gnu, K2, Rome, Salomon, Smokin.

Choosing your Snowboard Bindings

Bindings are the crucial interface between your feet and your board. Once nothing but strips of rubber or even bungees, today they are anatomical wonders of design and engineering. Too often, however, bindings play second fiddle to the more eye-catching purchases, but as with boots, a good pair can make the difference between agonizing cramp and a comfy day’s shred. Here’s our guide to getting the right set…

Annual Snowboard Test

It’s one thing giving you the specs, but you also need to know what the board you’re looking at feels like to ride. That’s where the annual Snowboard Test comes in. Taking place during the May ‘Spring Classics’ session, at the high glacial resort of Kaunertal, Austria, it is a chance for everyone in the UK industry– riders, shops, brands and media – to get together in one place and test out all the latest kit.

Starting a New Clothing Company

Dan McNamara is the brains behind Bond, one of the freshest new brands on the outerwear block. The company is launching in the UK for the first time this year, having already made quite a splash over the pond.

Where the magic happens: A Visit to the Snowboard Factory

I might not have grown up as poor as Roald Dahl’s Charlie Bucket– the kid in who couldn’t even afford a chocolate bar – but when I first got into snowboarding the idea of buying my own shred stick was the stuff of fantasy. Back in the 90s, even basic snowboards were typically about 400 pounds – way out of the price range of a snotty teenager.

A Night on the Nike 6.0 Farm

Once upon a time, in the mountains outside Munich, there lived a young lad called Stefan. His full name was Stefan Markhauser, but everybody knew him as Heisa...