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Snowboard Safety: Avalanche

You’re standing at the top of the run, watching your mate kick up some big powder roosters and getting ready to drop in yourself, when suddenly there’s aloud crack and the slope below ripples and starts to slide.

Tom Sims Interview: Licence to Shred

Interview with one of snowboarding's original masters.

Headphones for Snowboarding

Snowboarding headphones from wesc o'neill bose frends aerial7 skullcandy

Latin Lines: Roxy’s Birds Fly South for the Summer

The name Patagonia conjures up images of a wild and faraway landscape, of warm woolen jumpers and sheepskin rugs in old log cabins. To be honest, this was about the extent of my knowledge as we set off to this legendary region of Argentina on a southern hemisphere adventure.

Highway to Helsinki

In the countless hours I’ve spent glued to DVDs or flicking through magazines faster than a fat kid in a red rope liquorice race, I’ve seen a lot of shots from Finland.

Top Picks Snowboard Gear March 2011


Snowboard Deck Top Picks: March 2011

Snowboard Decks March 2011: APO DC RIDE LIB TECH

Snowboard Boot Tech: Geek Speak

Last month if I remember right, we were talking about the incredible variation you get in snowboard bindings and how incredibly exciting it all is. This month, (you’ll be even more excited to know) I’m going to talk about boots. Ah, the joys of it! There’s so much to say…

Cheers and The Arena Snowboard Movie Reviews

Movie reviews: CHEERS - The People Crew, THE ARENA - Finger On Da Trigger Productions

A New Breed: Young Faces of Pro Snowboarding

Thus pronounced Tim Warwood, the man tasked with providing live web commentary for the Nike 6.0 Air & Style in Munich. OK, so Tim’s never been shy of a dramatic statement for the camera, but as he struggled to articulate the mindbending tricks being thrown down one after another(“There goes another spinny one!”) I couldn’t help but agree with him.

David ‘Scotty’ Graham: Contender

Oh hey there! How you doing? I’m David Graham and I’m from Scotland. It’s weird, I guess I pre­ y much always felt like I was destined to live by the sea.

Top Picks Snowboard Gear February 2011

Snowboard Gear February 2011 from animal amel transform skullcandy flow love inc. rip curl garmin quiksilver ride celtek giro westbeach coal oakley forcefield special blend o'neill

Respect Your Elders and Eurogap 3 Snowboard Movie Reviews

Travis Parker is a legend. An integral part of the early-noughties Robot food crew, he helped change the way snowboard films were made, breaking down the traditional banger after banger format to include stupid tricks and piss-about sections.

Snowboard Deck Top Picks: February 2011

Snowboard Decks February 2011: SALOMON ROXY FORUM K2

Mikkel Bang: Crown Prince of Style

It’s hard to believe that Mikkel Bang has only just turned 21 years old. The blonde-haired Norwegian has been a progressive force in the snowboarding scene for nearly a decade now; in fact he first burst onto our screens as a prodigiously talented grom in Standard’s White Balance, way back in 2003.

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed: Mikkel Bang Interview

In Norwegian fairy tales, some characters crop up again and again - one of the most popular of these is a fox called Mikkel. A mischievous little creature, Mikkel likes to play tricks on his fellow animals, using his natural abilities to outwit them.

Marc ‘Gladis’ McClement: Contender

Let me introduce myself. I was born on the 16th of November 1993, a day that will surely go down in history as one of the (for my parents) worst times ever.