Whilst dryslope doubles have been safely put down for a good few years now, we're not sure anyone has seriously given any thought to trying triples on plastic. Before now at least - enter Yuki Kadono.

Alright alright, it's not clear from the video whether he's actually landing them or not, especially given it's into an airbag (exactly the kind of high-level training bag Team GB Park & Pipe crew are petitioning for), but c'mon - this is impressive stuff. Cab underflips, back and front triples being thrown without snow in sight is only more proof that dryslope can be perfect training for essential jump skills. Just look at the likes of Jamie Nicholls and Billy Morgan, both brought up on Snowflex - even jib-kid Will Smith learned his insane pop and methods on the Halifax kicker! Where else do you think Yuki found the basics for his back-to-back backside and switch backside triple 1620s?

Hopefully we'll get to see some footage of the landing soon, until then we'll keep calling these 'attempts'. Viva dryslope!


Editor's nerd-out alert: If you listen closely you can hear the same song used in Torstein Horgmo's part from Standard's The Storming - which showcased the first ever triple cork - playing over the sound system. You had fair warning that was nerdy as well.