We just got sent this edit of two young jib things sending it in the streets - Kaleah Opal Driscoll and Justus Hines. Whilst we'd never heard of these two before our interest was piqued by some great wording from the chap who sent it over:

Kaleah is the next big thing in girls jib snowboarding and Justus has some of the most proper style!

Indeed. It's rare to get season edits sandwiched together in a pair like this, but it actually works quite well.

Kaleah is quite the urban ripper already - despite looking like she spent the winter playing hooky from school - and even though she doesn't have that big of a trick bag yet she's obviously not scared to send it on some of the big stuff, that waterfall rail for one is nuts!

Justus also has style well beyond his apparent years, check him steezing through that quid kink around four minutes in if you need proof. Both of them represent good things for the next generation of urban upstarts, getting out there and having some fun whilst doing so!

Congrats to the both of them, we can't wait to see more.