Whilst GoPros, action cams, whatever you want to call them, are more popular than ever these days, it sometimes seems like the quality of what they output onto the web deteriorates year on year. Whilst there are apps and software packages in development that aim to automatically compile your shonky footage into an acceptable 'edit,' at the end of the day if all you filmed is endless piste runs and your mates falling over in the park, none of that is going to help you.

No, what you gotta make sure of first and foremost is that you bring your A-game riding to the table, and whilst you're at it, make sure the terrain you're on is as gnarly looking as possible, just like Justin Baun does above.

As he explains, this was all shot after two seasons away from snowboarding bringing two kids into the world. He goes big, he goes steep and he gets deep, proving that's all you really need to make something rad. Props!

Oh, and he used music from his friend's band DisasterMan: check them out here.