And just like that it's time for the X Games Real Snow circus to roll in to town again. though this year ESPN have jigged the formula a little after last year's *ahem* mishaps...

Chris Grenier and Seb Toots joined in the party alongside previous contestants Jeremy Jones, Dylan Thompson and Dan Brisse.

No longer will it be put to a public vote (and we probably won't see Frank April again), instead the riders and filmers themselves will decide who wins, just like last season's Real Snow Backcountry that saw Pat Moore and Volcom filmer Jake Price take gold.

Instead, the number of riders has been cut down to five and each was given more time time to film a 90 second spot rather than the usual 60 second limit. Chris Grenier and Seb Toots joined in the party alongside previous contestants Jeremy Jones, Dylan Thompson and Dan Brisse.

You can browse through the videos by clicking next or scrolling with the arrow keys (but due to ESPN's shitty player make sure one vid is stopped before you go to the next) or if you want to jump to a particular rider hit the links below.

Chris Grenier took a trip out to Japan as well as his usual haunt of Salt Lake City to get the spots needed for this part, stacking clip after clip of pretty insane tricks. The opening miller flip to boardslide kicks things off with a bang, all the way to the half cab wallride rodeo out, though if we had too choose one it would have to be that styled out backlip through the double kink, so bolts! Or maybe the back three off the roof.... Ooft.

Grendys chose the Deja Vu crew to work with, so Frank April does make an appearance in this year's contest after all! Watch out for his name in the credits.

There's life in the old dog yet! With a nicely done (but maybe not very subtle) nod to his recent departure from Burton at the start, Jeremy Jones flies the flag for the old days of Forum as he launches into one of his biggest parts to date.

The massive back 180 roof drop, the skate-inspired wallie (though with a larger than average drop than your average sidewalk surfer would contend with), the footplant off the building... All gnarly stuff. We just hope the shots from the night his family was out with him got included.

Whatever your opinion of the man himself, this is some big stuff from the jibbing Double J.

Dylan was 3rd in last year’s event, and has put forward another strong entry in 2015. Once again the big gaps and drops are present and correct, but so too are a few grace notes not seen from the other riders. Just check out the press at 0.30, or the nosetap at 1.09.

He’s unlikely to win with this – the standard is just too damn good – but it’s an awesome part with lots of inspired stuff; and the shipping crate line at sunset is a beauty.

The Quebecois killer is, in a way, a victim of his own phenomenal talents. He’s so good at everything that you almost forget just what’s at stake as he launches off rooftops and hops from rail to rail. The ethereal music only adds to the feeling that this is all just routine for Seb Toots.

He’s still the master of the rodeo to railslide, closing his part with one of the best we’ve ever seen. Plus his repertoire now includes a todeo on – absolutely nuts! Perhaps the slam at the 1.13 mark was included just to remind us all that he’s only human – everything else in this ridiculous video points to the contrary.

Brisseburger’s eye for a street spot has even inspired its own Instagram account (@Brissespots) – and this video proves once again that no-one is better at finding urban hits than Dan. Everything he does here is as gnarly as you’d expect, but the added aesthetic element (sliding a cinema marquee, airing over a massive A-frame structure, popping a front 5 out of a giant pipe) elevate this to something special.

He’s finished either 1st or 2nd at the last four Real Snow events – surely he’s be right up there again this year.