[mpora_video id=AAda04uja41w]

What is it about bails edits that make them so entertaining to watch? Could it be that it’s nice to see pros falling sometimes too? Or is there a slightly darker side to human nature that enjoys watching people go through things that we wouldn’t want to go through ourselves...? Either way, it’s all harmless stuff in this bonus edit from YES. Powder may be a lot softer to fall on than say, concrete, but some of these slams are still pretty gnarly. The ragdolls aren't a patch on the one in this though

This footage gives us another glimpse at what to expect in the new YES movie, which is premiering next month in London. Once again it looks like the crew scored a heck of a lot of powder and set off a ton of avalanches – that one on 3:40 is pretty sizeable to say the least!