It’s been a busy season for the boys in the Yeah Bolts! crew. Andy Nudds, Matt MacWhirter and Will Smith have spent most of the season on the black and yellow rails of Northstar, hitting urban spots and logging footage for the upcoming Grindhouse Productions movie. Other endeavours from the boys this season include sending it in a park that contained a 200ft Swoosh, destroying (1) multiple (2) rail jams and appearing in steezin’ edits.

With such hectic 'schedules' it’s inevitable that some footage will end up forgotten - left lying stagnant within the depths of a laptop hard drive to gather a thick layer of cyber dust. Luckily for us, some of this forgotten footage has been unearthed and it’s absolutely teeming with bangers from a Cas-Vegas session a little while back. So sit back and take a look at more of the all-around solid riding that we’ve come to expect from a few of the UK’s finest jibbers…there’s a reason they call themselves Yeah Bolts!