And then there were three: following in the footsteps of Matt Macwhirter and Andy Nudds, Billy Morgan has stuck his season edit online and completed the Yeah Bolts! set.

The guy's on the roll of his life: just this season he swiped two gold medals at the Brits, became the first UK rider to stomp a double rodeo, and made an edit this good! We've seen a lot of Billy this year thanks to the Westbeach Airtime vids and his own stuff with Yeah Bolts!, but seeing all the footage together like this is quite a thing. The guy's bursting at the seams with talent and style, as inspiring to watch as any rider we've ever produced.

It's great how the music cuts out for the last trick, as if to say that Billy's double cork 1080 is so good that it needs no accompaniment. Quite right.