UPDATE 2: It's back! Be sure to check this out if you haven't seen it yet. The dude fookin' rips!

UPDATE: this edit has been taken down for some reason but we'll let you know when it resurfaces. Look out for it - it really is worth a watch. In the meantime, check Dylan in the Yawgoons edits from this season.

Some of our favourite jib edits this year (and there have been a LOT of them...) have been from the Yawgoons - a small crew based at Yawgoo Valley, in the rather unexpected shred spot of Rhode Island, US.

Turns out that a significant proportion of our favourite bits from those edits were pretty much all one rider.

Dylan Gamache pretty much blew our minds with his season edit here.

He rides at a blistering speed, has some of the biggest pop from the flat we've seen (check the enormous ollie to nosepress at 00:48), gets super tech with his rail to rail transfers (the front 270 transfer at 1:27?!) and can frontside 270 back to switch on a frickin' Burton swallowtail (1:52).

Is Dylan here the next Ethan Deiss (who famously got signed up to Burton's global team in the space of a year or so after putting out his sponsor-me tape) and is he just waiting to blow up on the snowboard scene proper?

Ok, so Dylan's already on Capita and Union but he's hardly a household name in snowboarding. We honestly reckon he's good enough to be.