It's probably pretty safe to say that Xavier de le Rue is slightly unhinged. It's also pretty safe to say that he's one of the best freeriders - if not the best - in the world right now. Earlier this week he took his insane skills to the legendary Verbier Xtreme contest and beat the talent-packed field with a line that is simply nuts.

Betrand Denervaud, the head judge at the comp and a man who knows a thing or two about going fast himself, said: "Xavier's run was the fastest of the day. He took an original line and jumped a huge cliff that has never been jumped before in the 15 years of the Xtreme!

"The jump was at least 10 metres in one of the steepest and most committed parts of the face. He negotiated it perfectly."

Xavier, being a bit more modest about the whole thing, said: "I knew it would go super fast and that didn’t help me to sleep well the night before! I’m glad it worked out how I’d planned it."

This not only won Xavier the comp, but also means he took the Nissan Freeride World Tour Title for the third year running. Bien fait mec!