Over the Summer it seems they've had a bit of a spring clean at the Munich HQ of the World Snowboard Tour. As well as the highly visible rebrand, with the name changing from TTR to World Snowboard Tour, they also made a few changes behind the scenes, reshuffling their board members and bringing in industry heavyweights from all over the world.

Not that you'll see that from this teaser for the forthcoming season, which just includes banging footage from the Burton European Open, US Open, Canadian Open, the O'Neill Evolution, Oakley Beijing Air and Style, Billabong Ante Up and the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships held in Oslo earlier this year.

Stale Sandbech and Cilka Sadar took the overall TTR World Tour titles for 2011-12, but the race is already underway for the top spots on the 2012-13 tour. Roope Tonteri is currently leading the Men's tour after 6 events and two gold medal finishes while in the women's comp and Enni Rukajärvi beating the competition after 5 events and three gold medals so far this season.

Of course there's a fair old chance some Norwegian wunderkind will come up out of nowhere and stun everyone. But that's the fun of the tour.

The next 3 events on the tour are the Brazil Slopestyle Championships in Rio (yep, Brazil!) the O'Neill Pleasure Jam in Dachstein on November 8th and the Oakley Air & Style Bejing on the 29th of November.

So get ready to get amped for the season!