Halldor Helgason is a champion. Last Saturday during X Games Big Air, after throwing down some ever-stylish tricks including his epic Lobster Flip 1260 and his rad double frontside rodeo, Halldor stepped up and showed the world how he refuses to give a fuck by hucking a massive triple backflip straight onto his head. As you'll see from the 'Mega Mo' replay in the video below, it was a proper brutal slam and left him knocked out and motionless on the landing. Thankfully, he only suffered a concussion and got to get back into the flattering neck brace that he keeps finding himself in. Good job he'd been wearing his actual helmet rather than these comedy pink ones eh?


Like a true boss, he also managed to get his infamous penis tattoo on camera while he was being dragged off in a bloodwagon (skip to 00:39):

We're glad to hear he's alive and well and we're sure he'll be back feeding us a slew of new edits in no time.