If you hadn’t already heard, this year’s Whitelines Rail Jam at the Snowboard Test in Kaunertal was straight up off the hook.

Check the edit to witness just some of the insanity that went down including Ollie Dutton’s balls-to-the-wall seatbelt grab to rail tap and Nuddsy’s quite frankly mind blowing front board pretzel 450 on the c-rail. Call us out if we’re mistaken, but other than seeing it stomped by the man himself at the Northstar Butterbox Rail Jam (in which our boys did us proud by schooling the locals with a clean sweep of the podium), we’ve never clocked the trick before on film.

As one of the best collective displays of UK jibbing that we have ever seen it’s pretty safe to say that the bar has officially been raised. Rail riders of the world take note – if this is any indication of the standard of jibbing we can expect from our homegrown riders in the future, given the right exposure, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see 'em destroying international rail jams in no time.

For more info on what was without question one of the best Whitelines Rail Jams to date, check out our full report.