[mpora_video id='m13S7gKY6/'] The inaugural Whitelines Rail Jam went off with a boom on Friday at Hemel Hempstead - a boom that (thanks to two enormous mothership speakers rented off a retired local raver) could be heard from a good distance away. With a great turn out at the slope, and a rad indoor course built especially for the event by the ever-creative DWA (diggers with attitude) the stage was set for some pretty frickin' sick riding. Thankfully, the crews that turned up did not disappoint. With Milton Keynes locals Chris Chatt and Gazza Andrews driving down for the affair, and the likes of Olympian Dan Wakeham travelling up from Plymouth, the standard was always gonna be high. And with cash up for grabs as well as a whole host of sick prizes from the event's sponsors, FBBB, Quiksilver, Gnu and Lib Tech, there was all to play for.

In the end, it was the jib kids who triumphed, and after a judging decision that was tighter than a duck's butt, Gazza finished first, followed by Calum Paton, who in turn finished just a whisker ahead of Chris Chatt. In the women's event Katie Ormerod beat Becky Menday and Alise Balode into second and third respectively, while Josh Ogden claimed a well-deserved junior's award. Watch the full highlights here, and keep an eye out for the full report with sick pictures dropping soon!