Feeling too rushed to keep up with the daily barrage of snowboard edits? Keeping abreast of the media feeling too much like a full time job? Well then, you're in luck - every week (or whenever we feel like it) Whitelines will compile all the very best from the murky world of snowboard edits together into one, easy to digest minute of rad.

Take a minute out, that's all, and enjoy the One Minute Mash Up.

In this episode: This week: World Cup samba fever takes over as we see David Hablutzel, Xavier de le Rue and Dan Brisse all killing it.

And if you want to see where the clips came from, here's where you can find the original videos:

Dan Brisse Roof Gap

Xavier de le Rue Nation

Jamie Nicholls' Signature Session

Jonas Michilot - Chickenmeat

Alex Stewart - Spaghetti Snowballs

David Hablutzel Season Edit

Arbor at Superpark 18

Night Fury

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe