The third and (not quite) final leg of the Westbeach Snowflex Series went off last weekend on the dryslope of Noeux Les Mines, France. The weekend-long event was blessed not only with blazing sunshine, but some blinding riding as well, as this rad little video roundup shows. The best of the best of the UK's dryslope riders turned out to contest the crown: The Westbeach team of Matt MacWhirter, Billy Morgan and Andy Nudds all rode impressively, and the likes of Wayne Taylor and Mike Austin also threw down. In the end however, none of them could quite match the steeze of Cody Heirons, who's back 7 beat Billy's cab 9 attempts in a closely-fought final. In the women's comp, Liz Osbourne's back three was reckoned to be better than Sam Rogers' frontside version of the same trick, giving Liz the title by a whisker. Hit more for the full results and look out for details the recently added bonus round in Bearsden on December 4th!



1st Liz Osbourn

2nd Sam Rogers


1st Tomski Robinson

2nd Jake Terry


1st Cody Hierons

2nd Billy Morgan

3rd Mike Austin

Team Event Winners

Old enough to know better (Mike Austin, Wayne Taylor, Sam Noble and a Chuck Buddy)

Whitelines Most Improved Riders

Ross Marsh/Billy Morgan

Fall-Line Skiing & Snowboarding Best Unsponsored

Jason Molyneux

Apo best unsponsored female snowboarder

Liz Osbourne

The Freeze Festival Sickest Trick

Matt Macwhirter - Switch Back 7

Bern Helmets worst slams of the day

Rowan Cheshire/Billy Morgan

Ripper of the day

Louise Hierons

Pre Reg Prize Draw

Mike Austin