Following on from the first Holy Bowly video, Mervin Manufacturing (the factory behind Lib Tech and Gnu Snowboards) have just dropped their own fun-filled bowl edit as part of their new "Weird and Bitchin" web series.

As the guys behind wavy edges and banana-shaped snowboards, it's no surprise that Mervin chose to sponsor an event that thinks outside the box. As event mastermind Krush Kulesza puts it:

It's an international gathering of creativity and flow that brings all ages, styles and abilities together in a progressive freestyle evolution; a pursuit of constant radness that makes you question the current state of Olympic training facilities across the world. We call it: Holy Bowly.

That worthy voiceover, plus the presence of 90's megastar Jamie Lynn (smoking some kind of sparkler) and a retro punk soundtrack lends this edit a decidedly retro feel. I mean, check this out for comparison (skip to 1.35):

That's not necessarily a bad thing - maybe Olympic-era snowboarding needs to recapture a bit of that 90's magic?