Angus Leith and the Wee Breck Bastards have been rather productive as of late. They just dropped episode 11 featuring Scott Penman, some epic Breck park riding and an inspired Hamish McKnight impression. A few days later and they've put out yet another banger of an edit although this one was actually shot back last May. Basically, they've crafted an amazing backyard jib setup, with turns, rails and hips, kind of reminiscent of the opening shots of MDP's Follow Me Around.

You can find this incredible setup up at Michael Jachacy's back garden although you might have to buy him a crate of beer or pay him in sexual favours to use it. This particular sesh featuring Angus, Scott Penman, Connor Carey and more was in celebration of Mike and Angus' birthdays last year.

All we can say is that we wish we had the space, time and dedication to create something as epic in our garden, instead of it resembling a patch of the Bolivian rainforest (minus the animals and other cool shit and replaced by weeds and cat turds).