The Wee Breck Bastards have totally outdone themselves again with their latest edit, even after their excellent backyard shred and hilarious pisstake edit. This new one sees Angus Leith, Scott Penman and Connor Carey explore a spooky house filled with a thousand trannies. And no, we're not talking about some sort of bizarre transgender sanctuary.

How rad is this house though? Wallrides, rails to wallrides, gaps, gas pipes, awesome spiral staircase thingy - it's got it all! Great to see the guys getting really creative and using every inch of it as a feature of some sort.

Could this be inspiration for a new event by one of the big brands? Half build a house in the woods somewhere and let a bunch of invited riders loose on it?

This looks like one ridiculously fun session though and we know for a fact that it would have taken hours to set up. Nice one boys!