As we all know by now, the Red Bull Ultra Natural went down over the weekend with Gigi Rüf floating to the top of the proverbial milky crop, and Nicolas Müller and tap water advocate Bryan Fox not far behind. Footage of the actual runs is still scarce, with American broadcaster NBC securing the rights to broadcast it in the States on the 30th March.

But If you can't wait until then, (or presumably shortly after, when we the full thing will probably be shared with us non-Yanks), here's the humble Austrian's winning run along with some chat with John Jackson.

Massive feature to feature gap, picture perfect front 3 indy, huuuuge backside 180 (although is that a stack just after the camera cuts away?) and staple front 180-switch tailpress-180 out: not too shabby at all.

Interestingly, it seems Gigi only hit two features on the steep upper section of the course and basically had a stack in his run. The hits he had certainly were massive but was this really the cleanest and best run of 'em all? We guess we'll have to wait for the full thing before we make our own judgements...