Whitlelines and UK filmer Stewart Monk have been out and about following Ben Kilner’s build up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The 21 year old from Aberdeen will be lining up against the world’s best in Vancouver tomorrow as he attempts to throw down for a medal.

Ben will be facing up against some seriously giant names including Shaun White, Peetu Piiroinen, Matthieu Crepel and Louie Vito but after reaching the podium in the last FIS comp we are confident in Ben's riding and know that he will do the Brits proud.

Ben has been weighing up his chances against the big buzz words of the Olympics and, indeed, the season as a whole the 'double corks'. Kevin Pearce is not competing in Vancouver due to a serious injury sustained in training back in December whilst practicing a double cork and whilst Ben has been working on these devilish little b*stads and is getting there he doesn't feel quite ready to throw them at the Olympics.

Half pipe Qualifications kick off live on BBC at 9pm and the Finals go late into the night. Expect the ever excitable Ed Leigh to reach fever pitch as Ben drops in for his runs.


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In this episode Dan Wakeham (Former UK winter Olympic Snowboarder) talks to Ben Kilner about a typical day on and off the mountain. Watch Ben killing it in the pipe at Sass Fee and this years Burton European Open. He lets us know about his training and how he's handling the pressure with the Olympics coming up very soon.


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He talks to us about snowboarding in the Scottish Highlands from a young age and how the local scene always has a great atmosphere.

Snowboarding has given Ben a lot of opportunities and from a young age made it a goal to qualify for the Olympics.


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Dan Wakeham talks to Ben Kilner about training in the Sass Fee pipe during the summer. Nike 6.0, one of Ben's sponsors set up an airbag to practice some of the new tricks being done in the pipe. He tells us about attempting the double cork and the difficulties of trying to pull on of the newest tricks in snowboarding.