The Volcom PBRJ went down at Powder Ridge Mountain. There is definitely something in the sweets these young kids are eating, 12 year old Luke Zajac came 4th in the 15 and under division. And with a couple of really young kids doing so well, it just makes us wonder how much potential they have, and just how far will they go?

In the mens category the level of riding was high Andy Glader set the standard with a back rodeo to boardslide 270 out. However it was Wisconsin’s Sam Schiltgen and Matt Chase that battled it out for 1st but Matt was able to get one point over Sam for the win. This left Drew Larson to take third place. The next stop of the tour is at Summit at Snoqualmie and it looks like it is going to be another tight competition.

Next up was the women's open category and even though these ladies can spins just as well as the guys they do everything with such style. Coming in first was Kayli Hendricks with her style and control. Not far behind was Missy McAlpin (Awesome name!) sliding away with 2nd and Celena Fehlen got 3rd.

Oh and look out for the giant bunny rabbit and the woman in the sexy purple jacket...