There's a lot to be said for riders that can well and truly dominate all kinds of terrain on a snowboard. With the profile of snowboard competitions and subsequent standard of riding growing every season across all of the various snowboarding disciplines, all-terrain riders who used to be able to rock up to contests and still do pretty well are now finding that they are no longer a match for the specialists. As a result, the dudes who are equally comfortable hitting massive wallrides and handrails in the street as they are sending it off monster backcountry booters in The Art of Flight are appearing to dwindle somewhat. Nowergian charger Bjorn Leines is one of those riders holding the all-terrain slaying fort.

This is his part from Volcom's excellent IP2 project, which as we'll remind you again, gives the riders themselves the control over the creative direction and production of their parts. It's been a soild series from Volcom and if you've missed any of the parts (Dan Brisse's was a corker!), you can catch up on them all here.