Here's the next part in Volcom's Individually Produced Parts team video. This time it's French pipe and backcountry ripper Arthur Longo. Arthur first came to our attention when he smashed it at the 2009 Arctic Challenge after being personally invited by the great Terje Haakonsen - which says a lot for how much potential this guy had then and still has now. Fast forward to 2012 and Arthur has the opening part in the new Pirates movie Unique 8 on top of his part here in IP2.

Watch the part above and you'll agree that Arthur is pretty handy in the backcountry. Don't miss the huge step down switch backside 180 at 00:41 or the double nollie frontflip at 1:03. After Arthur's part we're also treated to a few tricks from Markus Keller, Griffin Siebert, Johnny Lazz, Marco Grigis, Marc Swoboda, Mike Rav and Luke Mitrani. Mike Rav's the one to watch here with his slightly more unorthodox lines and trick selection.