There's more than a handful of summer shred edits dropping at the moment, from High Cascade and Windells to the Camp of Champions, and all are filled with shots of sunny, slushy jibbing, the occasional skating shot and all around good vibes.

Here's a full twelve and a half minutes of shots from last year's Camp of Champions up on Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler, filmed by Variety Pack cinematographer Eddie Grams and Technine/FODT filmer Cole Taylor. If you're looking for something drastically different in a summer edit you won't find it here, although this does have a really nice feel to it, with some great shots, cracking tunes and a quality rider list including the likes of Jake Kuzyk, Chris Grenier, Zak Hale, Mikkel Bang, Harrison Gordon, Charles Reid, Ethan Deiss and Mikey Rencz (so a sizeable chunk of the Burton team then!). That rider list alone should make this worth checking out. Trust us, this one's a doozy.