Last season Vans' Looking Sideways project saw the brand creating pop up art galleries in resorts across Europe, and exhibiting some of the best snowboard art out there. Over the course of the project, they also asked members of the public to send in pictures of their own eyes looking sideways which were compiled into a big collage for the final show in Mayrhofen.

In a cool little twist they then took this collage and made it into a limited edition run of boards with Endeavor. As Owen Tozer, the director of the project, said: "From the start we knew we wanted to turn the mural into a set of unique snowboards, and we had a feeling it would be the kind of creative project that would suit the guys at Endeavor Snowboards." The Vancouver-based brand has always been into their art. They took sections of the piece to create a series of topsheets and finished each board with a specially-designed base. And they look, well, frickin' sick.

Most of the limited run of ten will be given away as prizes to those who sent their eyes in. So if you did, well, cross your fingers. And if not? Well, you'll have to try cozying up to someone at Endeavor or Looking Sideways, cos we reckon they'll probably be holding on to these beauties pretty tight.

You can find out more about the whole thing (and start flattering those in charge) on Twitter @WeLookSideways, on Facebook or at