With the Vans Hi Standard Series wrapping up with the final competition at Cairngorm Mountain, Scotland over the weekend, this seems as good a time as any to post the highlights from the last two legs.

The first leg, in Les Arcs attracted entrants from all over the Alps. And while the Frenchies did well, we're most stoked on the fact that long-serving British seasonnaire James 'Honeymonster' Phillips (him in the pink Dalikfodda beanie) apparently grabbed himself a bunch of spot prizes too.

In Mayrhofen the Austrain leg also saw the Brits doing well, with Vans' very own Rowan Coultas ending up on the podium. It also looked like MC extraordinaire Henry Jackson was on vintage form. Encouraging girls to run around kissing strangers and grabbing enormous snow-cocks? Why the hell not?