It was no pain and lots of gain for Mark McMorris as he sessioned a specially built, safe-as-houses booter in pursuit of the elusive triple cork last year:

Got to love Burton's accompanying spiel: "Trying a new trick like a triple cork can be a scary thing to get yourself into. It's not something that can be landed on the first try". No shit Sherlock. After all, it's not something piss-easy like a triple rodeo, is it?

And we don't want to get into an Angry Snowboarder-esque bitching session, but is that one he stuck really a 'triple cork'? Far from his genuinely twisty-turney early efforts (which, prior to falling, looked pretty sweet), or even the legit backside version he landed last year, the stomped one is more of a triple backflip with frontside 180.

The shot at 55 seconds is a dead giveaway - watch his head just rolls over his board, his back to us the entire time. Then compare it to Torstein Horgmo's triple cork, a regular-stance version of the same trick - thoughts?