[mpora_video id=AAdafan8qhq6]

Yet another video of Burton riders all busting out the same trick - today it's the turn of the backside 720. While most of us will never hit a kicker big enough to spin a 720 on, when you're used to hucking 1080's and the like, they probably feel like our backside 360's do. Other than using different grabs, there aren't a whole load of different ways to do backside 7's. Danny Davis has a pretty sweet looking one, where he drops his front shoulder during the second half of the rotation getting it all corked. For the most part these are all winners but if we had to pick our favourite, Mikkel Bang's massive 7 in the backcountry at the end of the edit does it for us. We reckon that the best backside 720's are like the titanic: all big and floaty.