Wow, they've upped the level again. This perfect triple cork from Torstein Horgmo was only enough to land him second place at the 2012 X Games in Aspen. WTF?! OK, so his gold-medal-winning 'triple cork' last year was controversial (it looked more of a triple backflip, and a hand-down at that) but this time around there was no doubt. Torstein was beaten to first place by Mark McMorris, who also landed a triple cork to trump him on the combined score. Surely Torstein's was the highlight of the night though? The fact it's currently got nearly twice as many views on Youtube tells its own story. He didn't seem bitter though: “It was amazing," he said. “I am so stoked for Mark. It seemed like we kept pushing each other. It was just a good session out there.“

By the by, here's the video Torstein's top runs from round one. Cheeky bonus.