Now we've all seen a few good top to bottom runs in our time, with Torstein Horgmo's banger of a run in the Northstar park from a few years back perhaps being the most memorable. But how often do you see a top to bottom run outside of the park? Seb Toots teamed up with Sunset Films (the same folk that put together his documentary) to produce this top to bottom run in the Montreal streetcountry - a 'downtown mountain' called Mt. Royal apparently. The run is part street rail, part drops and part tree runs and it's been stitched together to look like one long, continuous SSX style run ending in downtown Montreal.

As far as concepts goes this one's pretty unique and we'd love to see more of these in some other spots around the globe. Would it be possible to find a spot that could be filmed as one truly continuous top to bottom run? Can anyone think of any where this would be possible? Let us know in the comments section below!