Ever had one of those overly competitive races with your mates? First to the bottom of the run wins nothing more than the chance to gloat about it at every opportunity for the next year. Well, it seems the humble Chinese Downhill is coming back into fashion. First there was the Red Bull Home Run at the Brits, and now the big guns are at it. This vid - part of the 'America's Next Top Pro Model' series for Snowboarder Magazine - sees the likes of Lauri Heiskari, Keegan Valaika, Heikki Sorsa and Bryan Fox dispense with any pretence at style in a primitive battle for speed supremecy.

It's good to see they're not above the usual strongarm tactics and post-race bitching that's characterized every amateur downhill I've ever been involved with. And we're lovin' the Magnum P.I soundtrack!