Featuring an all woman line-up of Madison Blackley, Alexa McCarty, Danyale Patterson, Fancy Rutherford, Taylor Elliot, Mary Rand, Vanessa Moore, Marie-Andree Racine, and more, Too Hard presents the teaser for Still Hard. These girls are also hardcore, and just in case you need proof, check out the horrific arm snapper in last years trailer. Although we suggest taking our word for it because the footage is completely disgusting.

In this years trailer the ultimate bail has been replaced by other badass stuff. They've got guns, smoking, bloody close-ups and of course, alcohol. Lucas Magoon and those Gremlinz better watch out. Their OG title might be under threat.

We're not having a pop at the overtly gangsta way it's been put together as well. We're just acknowledging it because we think their way of taking the piss is funny. The filmer holding a beer in-frame while an unknown rider attempts a one foot step-down is a highlight.

The whole thing is put to 50 Cent's Ayo Technology, and since you almost need another hand to count how many times he's been shot, we reckon that's damn hard. The riding looks heavy too! Maybe it will impress Kevin Backstrom enough for him to watch the full movie despite his supposedly sexist ways??