After the ripping Staale Sandbech and Ozzy Henning editions, we've come to look forward to these 'one rider, one park, one day' edits from Rome Snowboards. This time it's the turn of Finnish (of course) Rome Euro rider Toni Kerkelä who, for lack of a better metaphor, combine harvests the shit out of Alpine Meadows in this edit. You may recognise Toni from the recent Helgasons full length Pepping! and he even popped over to the UK earlier this year for some dome shralping. Leaving his obvious jib talents aside for one second, how rad is the setup they've got going at the Californian resort? It's not quite Bear or Northstar but there are certainly some features here that we've never really seen anywhere else before - like the sweet looking square-box-with-pointy-corners feature at 00:49 or the weird conservatory thing at 1:34. The more inventive features littering the parks the better we say!