Here is Xavier De Le Rue giving us a thorough case of the Mondays, and not for the first time either! After scoping out some insanely steep faces deep in the Swiss Alps, that weren't quite snowy enough for the legendary frenchman (although it hasn't seemed to stop him before), Xavier decides to hang up his snowboard boots for the season and switch to what appears to be a permanent 'beer o'clock,' or better known to us office workers, summer - if it ever arrives mind you. Those of you that have experienced the Alps in the off season will know that there is just as much, if not more to do in the summer months and Xavier is well clued on to the fact. Being the active man that he is it's straight into the water on the surfboard, onto the hills with the mountain bike, on the mini ramp with the skateboard and to the skies on the paraglider - all with an ice cold 1664, naturally (well not the paragliding actually, but that would be pretty rad).

Like all of the Timeline episodes this one's beautifully shot and has us yearning for sun, surf and the summer that will eventually come. It will. Don't you worry. Patience.